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September 12, 2023
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Improved search bar

Mobbin has a huge collection of content and tags, so finding what you're looking for can be challenging for both new and power users alike. In this update, we've made some improvements to our search bar that we believe everyone can benefit from.

Our search bar now has a "Trending" tab, showcasing the apps and tags that are currently trending. If you're new to Mobbin and not sure where to begin, try selecting an item from this tab. If you're a seasoned Mobbin expert, this tab might still surprise you with apps or tags that you didn't know we had!

When searching or browsing the items in the other tabs, a card now appears beside the search bar, providing a sneak peek into the app or tag you've selected. We believe this will give both new and power users a better understanding on what each tag is about.

Pro tip: you can use Tab or Shift Tab on your keyboard to switch between the tabs in the seach bar.

Other improvements

  • We've unified the two dropdown menus in our navigation bar into a single dropdown, so everything is all in one place.