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November 10, 2023
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All-new search experience

Unlocking the potential of an extensive content library like Mobbin hinges on the ease of discovery. That's why we've gone back to the drawing board and reimagined Mobbin's core feature — search. And now let us introduce you to our all-new search experience.

If you're new to Mobbin or just here to browse, try out the quick filters! These filter chips showcase the most popular filters for each content type, and provide a glimpse into Mobbin's powerful search functionality.

And when you're ready to dig deeper, engage the search bar. Browse through all available filters or let Mobbin suggest filters related to your query as you type. Selecting an option here will bring you to the search results page, where you'll unlock Mobbin's full search capabilities. Here you can further refine your search by combining different filters, allowing you to find even the most specific examples.

Other improvements

  • You can now toggle between the iOS, Android or Web versions of the same app, if available.
  • Increased contrast of colors in the app for better accessibility.


  • Fixed an issue where the flow modal does not scroll to the selected screen when opened.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading all screens in an app was not working on some devices.